Privacy statement


Miko Metals takes the protection of personal data very seriously. That is why we have ensured that we fully comply with the new privacy legislation (better known as GDPR). In addition to an internal procedure, a register of personal data and many actions to secure your data, you can read here what we do to protect your data.

For customers and suppliers

If you are a customer or supplier of Miko Metals, your personal data will be stored and used for communication about competitions, quotations, orders, deliveries, invoices and other communications linked to sales and / or purchase.
Your data can exceptionally also be used for communication around Miko Metals or our products. After all, we assume that you as a customer or supplier are interested in our product information and therefore want to stay informed. You can always unsubscribe from this communication. You will then no longer receive communications from us.
It is possible that you will receive e-mails even after you unsubscribe. These then concern information that we consider indispensable, such as information on price adjustments, adjustment of the general conditions and the like.
We can not simply remove you from our database as a customer or supplier. After all, there are legal deadlines for data retention that we need to respect.

Non-customer or -supplier and requesting information

If you register as non-customer/-supplier for an event or request information via the website, via email, by telephone, during a visit or at an exhibition, we ask for your personal data to be able to handle your request properly. These data can be included in our database. We only register your data if we understand that you want to stay informed of our products and promotions. If you no longer wish, you can always unsubscribe from this service.

Data protection

Your data is stored centrally on our servers and is protected against misuse, distribution and theft. We only use the information internally and only pass it on to third parties for the optimization of our services. For example to a transport-company for a delivery. We always verify that these third parties comply with the privacy legislation, they may not pass on this information and are bound by confidentiality. We also do not sell your data at all.


We use Mailchimp to send our communications via email. This has the great advantage that you can correct your data or you can unsubscribe yourself. This method gives us the greatest certainty in monitoring your privacy. This implies that Mailchimp has some of your data, but they guarantee to be fully GDPR-compliant.


If you visit our website you may encounter cookies. These cookies may belong to us or come from sites to which you are referred. We use cookies on our own sites very rarely and only to make the website run as smoothly as possible. We do not use them to save data from you. There are also cookies from links for social media and analytics on the site. However, on these links and on external sites we have no influence and are left at the mercy of what these companies do. We are confident that your data is safe with these companies as each of them has declared to be fully compliant to the GDPR legislation.

Keep up-to-date and storage period

We do our utmost to keep your data up-to-date. We hereby ask for your help: let us know if your details change, we will immediately adapt them to our database. We only keep your data for a limited time after we have contacted you a last time.

Exercise your privacy rights

According to the EU-directive 2016/679 law of 4/5/16, valid from 25/05/18 (also known as GDPR) you always have the right to view your data, correct errors or delete data from our database. Contact us by e-mail at or by telephone.

Questions and contact

You can always ask questions via